Zelensky fires the general prosecutor and the head of the security services

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sacked the country’s chief prosecutor and head of the country’s security services on the evening of July 17 on suspicion of treason by some subordinates for the benefit of the Russians, ahead of a meeting of the European Union ( EU) to strengthen economic sanctions against Moscow.

“I have decided to relieve the Attorney General of his duties.” Irina Venediktova, “And the Chief of Security Services” (SBU) Ivan Bakanov, Mr. Zelensky said Russia continues to bomb several Ukrainian cities.

The order to impeach Zelensky’s childhood friends Ivan Baganov and Irina Venidiktova, who were indicted for war crimes committed by the Russian military in Ukraine, was published on the president’s official website. In a message posted via Telegram, Mr. Zelensky explains that several members of their agencies fired senior officials because of their collusion with Russia. According to him, about 60 officers from Baganov and Venediktova’s agencies are working against Ukraine in the territories occupied by Russia. This would make a total of 651 treason and collaboration cases involving prosecutors and law enforcement officials.

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“Each of these questions will be answered”

“The extent of such crimes against the foundation of national security of the state (…) poses very tough questions to the leaders concerned”said the President of Ukraine. “Each of these questions will receive an appropriate answer.”he added.

Volodymyr Zelensky appointed Oleksy Symonenko as the new prosecutor in a decree published on the president’s website.

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Irina Venediktova led the inquiry into alleged atrocities in the northwestern suburb of Bautza, which, in the eyes of the West, took place at the beginning of the invasion by Russian forces. “War Crimes” Russians in Ukraine.

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