Zelensky demands ‘just punishment’ from UN against Russia

To summarize the speech in one word Volodymyr Zelensky Before I am It will undoubtedly be “punishment”. He chose Budha to recite it no less than fifteen times. Thus Ukraine demanded “just punishment” against the president RussiaHe strongly condemned the invasion of his country and called for the establishment of a special court.

“A crime has been committed Ukraine President Zelensky said during a video message address to the UN General Assembly. Unable to travel to New York, the President received this exceptional recognition from the member states of the UN.

Applause and applause

In his speech to cheers and applause from delegates in the room, Volodymyr Zelensky launched a scathing diatribe against Moscow for its aggression against Ukraine. “We will not let this organization prevail,” he began, wearing his usual khaki green T-shirt and calling for the creation of a special court to try Russia for “the crime of aggression against our state.”

The Ukrainian president also called for the creation of a reparations fund for Ukraine and advocated stripping Russia of its veto power in the UN Security Council. Earlier, at the same UN meeting, US President Joe Biden had accused Russia of “shamefully” violating UN principles.

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