What would be the destructive potential of a tactical nuclear weapon?

Encryption – Russia, annoyed by the difficulty in the Donbass and the material support of Western countries for the Ukrainians, may have sought this weapon, which is less destructive than a strategic nuclear weapon, but stronger on a battlefield.

This ballad has been relentlessly returning since the beginning of the war. Vladimir Putin on February 27, in response to the first Western sanctions.Ordered to keep Russian military defense forces Special war alert“The Kremlin’s leader has not hesitated to label this supreme threat anonymously.”Press the quick response key“If a country comes”Intervene in events. ⁇Today we have tools that no one else has, we will use these tools if needed and I want everyone to know it“, The leader insisted.

If it seems too impossible to use nuclear energy against a NATO member state, it would be tempting to seek Russia in view of the hellish cycle it creates.

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