What are the “hungry stones” that are worrying about the reappearance in the Czech Republic?

Symbols of the droughts that have plagued Europe throughout history, the “Hunger Stones” have reappeared along the Elbe River that crosses the Czech Republic and Germany.

Like a bad omen. One of the “Hungry Stones”, a sign Drought The extreme that is currently affecting Europe may have resurfaced in the town of Těčín in the Czech Republic.

Exposed due to lack of water, this stone bears the message engraved during the drought of 1616: “Weep when you see me!” You can read that.

Other dates are also marked. “Prior to 1900, the following droughts are commemorated on the stone: 1417, 1616, 1707, 1746, 1790, 1800, 1811, 1830, 1842, 1868, 1892 and 1893,” said researcher Sisech.

Symbols of the past

Beyond drought, these stones recall other dark moments in history, including bad harvests and famines.

The last appearance of these stones dates back to 2018, when a severe drought hit the banks of the Elbe. According to the Associated Press, more than a dozen stones have appeared in their entirety.

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