Washington judges say Vladimir Putin’s claim that the Ukraine war is “defensive” is “absolutely absurd”

A human wave in Moscow

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people marched on the city of Moscow alone “Immortal Regiment”, Which honors the memory of World War II veterans. Born in Tomsk, Siberia in the mid-2010s, the initiative has become an integral part of the popular May 9 celebrations.

Despite the rain, after a two-year hiatus due to Govt-19, there was a large crowd in Moscow. Sea of ​​Russian flags and red flags, numerous military hats and stamped portraits, including children’s heads – of relatives who fought or were victims of war between 1941 and 1945.

“My grandfather was a soldier12-year-old Pyotr illustrates KP carrying a black photograph of a particular Oleg Artemenko on a bench. We need to remember what our ancestors did for us to stay alive. ⁇

L ‘“Special military action” Launched on February 24 this year it gives the event a certain hue, but a sensible, almost secondary. Organizers have warned that participants can take portraits of fighters in Ukraine if they wish, but only a few are found.

Very few participants, however, wore “Z” badges, although they were distributed by volunteers at the parade. This logo “Special function” The orange and black St. George ribbon is much less popular among the people – although it serves as a marching symbol for post-2014 Russian nationalism, it is seen as a unanimous symbol in the country.

“I do not want to mix politics with the memory of our grandparents.”One woman in her fifties explains, though she says “Personal support for everything the President does to protect us.”.

Many in the crowd chant or openly sing old military or celebrity aircraft broadcast by sound systems, moments of popular unity that can not be imagined anywhere other than Russia. Between each song, during a few minutes of silence, the crowd echoes a well-sounding cry in the present with the same energy: “Russia, Russia!”

Benoit Witkin (Moscow, Reporter)

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