War in Ukraine: Zhelensky dismisses visiting Kharkiv defense chief

By leaving the security bubble of the capital, Volodymyr Zhelensky reaffirms his power as a warrior. This Sunday, he went In Kharkiv to the northeast of the countryJust 40 km from the Russian border. This is the first time a Ukrainian president has visited the battlefield since the war began, Far from Kiev. After visiting the city, Volodymyr Zhelensky issued a fantastic statement, and in an unprecedented way: announced the dismissal of the head of Kharkiv’s security services because he had “not served in the defense of the city” since the beginning of Russia. Invasion.

“I came, I saw, I fired the head of the regional security services because he did not serve in the defense of the city from the first days of this war, but thought only” for himself, “President Zhelensky explained in his daily video message.

“It’s new in form and substance, as political scientist Patrick Martin-Jr. analyzes on BFMTV. Either it was someone who did not work or his morale was always low. Wants existing people. ⁇

The dismissal could send another message, as Patrick Martin-Jr. believes: “The time is not for negotiations, but for war. Zhelensky needs a gun. In Brussels, the president convened a meeting with EU officials on Sunday to discuss a solution to the implementation of the EU’s sixth embargo package against Russia, which has been blocked by Hungary.” He is expected to speak to European leaders Oil ban plan Russian, at the beginning of a summit on this subject.

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