War in Ukraine: Tensions rise in the Baltic Sea as hundreds of NATO and Russian ships collide

NATO and its allies have launched Operation Baltops 2022 in the Baltic Sea. Training conducted annually by the Commander of the United States Navy in Europe. In response, Russia sent about twenty warships for training maneuvers in the Baltic Sea.

Fourteen members of the Alliance and, for the first time, two NATO partners, Finland and Sweden, are currently participating in Exercise Baltic Operations (BALTOPS 22) involving more than 45 warships, more than 75 aircraft and 7,500 troops. The maneuvers began in Sweden on June 5, which, like Finland, decided to join the Atlantic Alliance, sparking criticism from neighboring Russia.

In the midst of a highly tense geopolitical environment, in the midst of the war in Ukraine, this large exercise immediately reacted to the Kremlin, which responded by stationing its naval forces in the Baltic Sea. The presence of hundreds of ships and several military aircraft in the Baltic Sea over the next few days is likely to escalate tensions between NATO and Russia.

The Baltic region plays an important role for Russia, as it has always had free access to the North Sea, which opens the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore the military presence of Russia in this region, especially Kaliningrad, is very important. Hence Russia’s response to the 2022 edition of the exercise Baltops.

On June 9, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the start of a naval maneuver involving about 60 ships and 40 aircraft. They should last until June 19th.

As part of these maneuvers, naval tactical teams of the Baltic Fleet left their bases and were sent to specific areas to carry out training missions to protect and secure maritime routes and bases. [russes]“, He said in a press release. Also note that the exercises are planned in Kaliningrad. According to the DOS agency“More than 20 ships of the Russian Baltic Fleet are currently participating in these exercises,” Moscow said on Tuesday.

# Collaboration | 21F Marine Patrol Plotilla Division, armed with ATL2 based in La Sudae, trained with submarines to hunt submarines ?? And ??. This is an integrated exercise NATO_MARCOM Improves the mobility of Alliance navies. pic.twitter.com/ZW1tAoHK1P

– French Army – Military Operations (tEtatMajorFR) June 9, 2022

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