War in Ukraine: Did Vladimir Putin poison a Russian oligarch by poisoning the toad?

Alexander the Great was killed by two shamans who consulted him for a hangover. The mysterious death that was part of a series of chaotic massacres.

War in Ukraine, 76th day. As the struggle continues, Different sources And announce strange deaths in Russian teams. In fact, many Selfish groups Died under suspicious circumstances Vladimir Putin “Remove his inner circle from former wealthy associates”, Sun details. “Since the beginning of this year, four gas tycoons and a senior medical officer associated with the tyrant have died under mysterious circumstances.”, Were hanged in their homes or brutally murdered. Including one, Sergey Valerievich Protosenya, Loret de Mar in Costa Brava (Spain).

Poisoning and heart attack

The circumstances and profiles of the victims are very similar to mere coincidences. When multiple viewers refer to a seriesMurders, Another oligarch died. This’Alexander SubodinAt the former director LukoilOne of the largest Russian manufacturers OilAnd nearby Kremlin. The circumstances are all very original.

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In fact, he died after visiting a couple ShamansIn order to provide treatment SleepThis Sunday in Mytiche, in the suburbs Moscow. With this in mind, the 43-year-old was treated Toad venom. Before the victim a Heart attack. The shamans did not call for help, but gave Subodh a silence. The next day, two shamans found his body inactive. According to an official statement quoted by the Daily Mail. Subodh defended himself in support of ending the war in Ukraine.

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