War in Ukraine: A Russian MP proposes live on television that “prisoners of war should be disbanded or transferred” against a major arms smuggler

According to Alexei Juravlio, this is a rule that should be reserved for Americans imprisoned in Russia.

The War in Ukraine Follows its course. Every day for more than four months, people die, others suffer, and some are imprisoned.

The Prisoners of warThe meaning of the day – this Thursday – in the collection of the chain Russia-1Perhaps the Russian state media is satisfying the whole world Campaign Without knowing whether Democracy.

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“As expected, Americans are dumb”

In the microphone, the Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlyov, leader of the Nationalist Rodina Party: “As expected, Americans are dumb. Their mercenaries are like their president. Happens. They both have to be. Dissolved Or Does business Vs. (Victor) Bote (nicknamed “Death Merchant” by one of the world’s largest arms dealers). We need to help our citizens leave the United States. Thank God we have some opportunities “.

The presenter retaliated, Olga Skabeva : “True, we have this basketball player addicted (Britney Griner), we have a bargaining chip”.

In a tweet shared by Russian media expert Julia Davis, below is a list to see in full.

Putin’s state television friends have been vocal about the transfer of Britney Greiner to Russian arms dealer Victor Bout, and are proposing to hang American prisoners of war Alexander Drook and Andy Hoin a day before the midterm elections in order to undermine the Democrats and Pittsburgh. https://t.co/vSKC54Luyz pic.twitter.com/n7q9ox83bv

– Julia Davis (ulJuliaDavisNews) June 23, 2022

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