War in Ukraine: 50,000 soldiers, 5,000 pieces of weapons, 140 planes, 60 warships… Russia launches Operation Vostok-2022.

Military exercises organized by Russia and involving several foreign countries began on Thursday.

The Russia Large-scale military exercises began on Thursday. Whose outfit was announced on MondayMany allied countries are participating in it SignThe BelarusThe MongoliaI amInde Or even Tajikistan.

Surgery, is called Vostok-2022, The Russian Far East should last until Wednesday, September 7, while Moscow has been on the offensive since February.Ukraine.

According to Russia, more than 5,000 weapons and military equipment, including more than 50,000 soldiers, 140 aircraft and 60 warships and support ships, have been mobilized for the exercises.

The US is worried about the presence of Indian and Chinese forces

The presence of Chinese and Indian troops in the operation raises US concerns, Reuters reported. On the one hand, tensions are high between Washington and Beijing Taiwan Since several weeks. On the other hand, the US has expressed its dismay at India’s participation in these exercises as the military partnership between the two countries has strengthened in recent years. Even though Russia is the leading supplier of military equipment to India.

“The United States is concerned about any country training with Russia, which is waging a brutal and unprovoked war against Ukraine.”White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday. “But, of course, each participating country will make its own decisions.”

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