War in live Ukraine: 90% of Chivrodonetsk “damaged”, according to kyiv

‘No safe place’ in Donetsk

Donetsk Regional Governor Pavlo Girilenko urged residents to evacuate immediately. “No place in the Donetsk region, no city is safe,” he told the AFP on the basis of recent intelligence.

Eastern cities are declining

In eastern Ukraine, the town of Mykolayivka, 25 km southwest of Lycitansk, has been “lost” and is now in the hands of the Russian military, Lukansk Governor Sergei Kaitoi announced in a telegram. “The invaders are (more) trying to capture Guirské”, a small neighboring town of 10,000 people before the war.

“Ukrainian armed forces must withdraw from Sverdlovsk”

The governor of Lukansk, located in Siverodonetsk, announced in a telegram this morning that “they have received the order.” “It doesn’t make sense to be in a state of constant bombardment for months,” he explained, when the city is “almost ruined” by a series of bombings. “All the essential infrastructure has been destroyed. 90% of the city is damaged and 80% of the houses have to be demolished, ”he said.

“The Kremlin militarizes food”, condemns Washington

On Twitter, the US State Department promised, “The recently classified intelligence service is destroying Russian forces.” Grain terminals Ukrainian pits, including the attack on Ukraine’s second largest terminal.

“We had to show that the future of Ukraine lies in the West,” said Jean-Louis Borlange

The Russian occupation officer was killed in the “attack” in Gerson

According to Russian agencies, “a Russian occupation officer was killed in the attack on Kherson”. According to the AFP, such attacks are on the rise. “It was a targeted attack on a collaborator of the civil and military administration, which killed him,” the administration told the Russian company Tass. The victim, Dmitry Savluchenko, was in charge of sports and youth in the Kerson region.

Budapest calls for an end to new sanctions against Moscow

The EU must stop To accumulate sanctions against Russia And to call for a ceasefire and talks, the adviser to the Hungarian prime minister said yesterday. Victor Orban. Depending on Russia’s imports of hydrocarbons, Hungary restricts initiatives that it considers hostile to Moscow, especially as Russia builds a nuclear reactor on Hungarian soil.

90% of Siverodonetsk is damaged

Following the announcement of the withdrawal of troops from Siverodonetsk, Lugansk Region Governor Sergei Kaitoy said, “It does not make sense to stay in a state of constant bombardment for months.

“All the essential infrastructure has been destroyed. 90% of the city is damaged and 80% of the houses have to be demolished, ”he estimated.

Russian military cargo plane crashes

Four people were killed and five others were injured when a military cargo plane crashed in Russia’s Ryazan region, 200 kilometers southeast of Moscow today.

Military planes crashed several times near the Ukrainian border in June, where Russia has been conducting military offensives since the end of February, citing potential technical problems.

Explosion in mycophenolate mofetil

A reporter for the Le Monde newspaper in Ukraine reported the blast early this morning. “Our day started at exactly 7am with a very severe eruption. Like a ballistic missile, ”tweeted Emmanuel Grinspan.

Situated on the Black Sea border, this port city has been subject to regular bombings since the beginning of the war.

The United States is providing $ 450 million in military aid

John Kirby, who coordinates strategic communications from the White House, says that Washington’s total military aid to kyiv since Russia’s invasion of the country is “about $ 6.1 billion”, after Joe Biden’s $ 6.8 billion. Problems.

The new component of this aid specifically offers four additional Himars (High Mobility Cannon Rocket System) systems, as well as powerful rocket launchers mounted on the light shield.

Political “success”

“Today marks an important step in your path to the EU,” Charles Michel, President of the European Council, announced on Twitter, congratulating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

The latter, in his speech via video conference to twenty-seven delegates, welcomed the political “victory” that his people had hoped for since the Soviet republic gained independence from Ukraine in 1991.

“Ukrainian and European flags will fly together when we rebuild our country after this war,” he reiterated in his daily video address to his comrades on Thursday evening.

“Retreat” to the Chevroletonets?

While Volodymyr Zelensky still predicted a “definite” victory against the Russian army, Serguiï Gaïdaï, governor of the Lukansk region, dropped the word “retreat” on Severodonetsk, a major city in the Donbass.

“There are 568 civilian shelters in Azotov,” said Severodonetsk Industrial Zone, the only port in the city still in the hands of Ukrainian troops. Guido said.

“At the rate at which our soldiers are leaving, the whole of the Lukansk People’s Republic will soon be liberated,” Lt. Col. Andrei Marotsko told AFP via video call.

Anti-aircraft warnings rang overnight in several major Ukrainian cities from Donetsk to Odessa from Thursday to Friday.

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