Volodymyr Zhelensky accuses Russia of bombing evacuation corridors in Mariupol

Update on the situation in Ukraine

The Russian army entered the Ukrainian border exactly three weeks ago, and after advancing on several fronts, the lines were stabilized. “Russian forces have not carried out large-scale attacks since March 4”Briefly by former soldier and historian Michael Goya On his Twitter account. The U.S. intelligence and security services have a similar observation: a stagnant development, and therefore the massive use of missiles. According to sources quoted by the New York TimesRussia has reportedly fired more than 980 missiles since the war began.

Mariupol besieged, lost the bombing and humanitarian corridors. Ukraine has accused the Russian air force of targeting a theater in the city center. In which “Over a thousand” The public sought refugeAccording to the Town Hall. “People were hiding there. Some fortunately survived but unfortunately not all of them were lucky. ”, Said city mayor Vadim Poichenko. No results yet.

Images released by Ukrainian authorities To show the three-story building, sprayed. Maxar Technologies, which specializes in satellite imagery, released another photo taken on Monday. “Children” On the floor, written in large white letters and in Russian.

Human Rights Watch said that was not possible “Dismiss the possibility of a Ukrainian military target in the theater area, but we know that at least 500 civilians are staying in the theater.”. Russia denies bombing the area and blames the far-right Ukrainian battalion Azov. She had already denied responsibility for the attack on a maternity hospital.

The besieged and bombed for sixteen days without any lasting humanitarian aid, the great port of southern Ukraine has suffered unimaginable devastation to its citizens. “World” By telephone on Wednesday, the two evicted residents were able to be contacted. There will be 300,000 more to survive in dire conditions:

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“It simply came to our notice then. The whole neighborhood was destroyed. It’s hard to realize what’s going on. Hospitals and schools are being destroyed. The bombs also destroyed shelters where thousands of people had taken refuge. The city center is no more than other areas.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 Satellite image of burning buildings in a residential area northeast of Chernihiv, Ukraine.

The airstrikes in Kharkiv ended the curfew in Kiev. The Russian military has been using similar tactics for weeks – gradually encircling and continuing artillery fire – trying to control Ukraine’s second-largest city, killing at least 500 people since February 24. Officers. The capital should have known that the curfew order was in effect from Tuesday evening, after numerous artillery shells earlier in the week. On Thursday, the wreckage of a missile crashed into a residential building, killing one person.

“The health system has become a target” Military. The World Health Organization (WHO) says it has never seen so many military attacks on the health system in Ukraine. He authorized 43 attacks on medical facilities or health workers. “It’s starting to become part of the strategy and tactics of war. It’s completely unacceptable, contrary to international humanitarian law. WHO emergency chief Michael Ryan said.

Human number. The UN says nearly 700 civilians have been killed and more than 1,110 wounded since the war began. But these figures are hard to verify, especially when ground fighting or bombings are still taking place in the UN. Emphasizes the fact that his daily ratings are much lower than reality. According to the Ukrainian president, about 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, Russia released on March 2, the only estimate: 498 soldiers were killed.

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