Vladimir Putin is “gravely ill” according to a journalist

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin is “gravely ill” according to a British journalist. In a book to be published on July 21, he confirms that the Russian president is under the influence of dangerous treatment.

In his book “Killer in the Kremlin,” out this Thursday, a British journalist claims that the Russian president. Vladimir Putin Get sick and stop taking high doses of steroids.

British investigative journalist John Sweeney reports in his book that the behavior and physical appearance of the Kremlin leader has changed a lot in recent years. Newsweek.

According to him, the Russian head of state started taking steroids to treat a back injury sustained after falling from a horse a few years ago. The treatment, administered in high doses, would have caused organ damage and tumors to Vladimir Putin.

“Swollen Cheeks and an Unhealthy Hamster”

The journalist drew a parallel between the situation of the president of Russia and a British mobster, who had taken a lot of steroids for a long time: “He dies when his heart explodes”. In addition, the mobster would have displayed a demeanor of “cold anger,” which reminded him of the Russian president’s “over-aggression.”

Also, John Sweeney shared his meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2014 for the BBC. He remembers a “thin”, “delicate, supple” man who spoke quietly. In 2022, the head of state makes him feel like a “hamster with puffy cheeks and poor health”.

The Kremlin leader’s health has been the subject of many rumors since the start of the war in Ukraine. In early May, multiple US intelligence sources cited by Newsweek indicated that Vladimir Putin had been treated for “advanced” pancreatic cancer in April. But in late May, the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, assured her that she was fine.

Vladimir Putin arrived in Tehran on Tuesday to discuss the conflict in Syria and the war in Ukraine with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts.

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