Violent fighting in Lisytsansk but the city is not “surrounded” according to the Ukrainian military…

9:12 am: Georgians trained in international law in Kyiv

A tattoo on his forearm reads: “Never forget, never forgive.” Mamuka Mamulashvili, head of the Georgian National Guard, listens intently to a presentation on the need for foreign fighters in Ukraine to respect international law. The event is organized by the Swiss non-governmental organization “Apple de Genève”, which plays a particularly important role in sending the basics of international law to foreign fighters who came to help Ukrainians against the Russian army, says president Marie Lequin. “of the Eurasia Region”.

In Kyiv, he wants to warn against possible “blurred lines” in war, stressing “the importance of separating humanitarian work from military operations.” Mamoulashvili insulates himself from any confusion: the work of his men and NGOs fills him up. He affirms that his groups “give food” to local people, “which the NGOs then distribute to the people”, in a positive synergy.

“It’s confusing for citizens to understand whether you’re helping on a humanitarian basis or leading military operations to protect civilians”, however, Marie Lequin told Mamoulachvili. According to her, “the existence of these players is very difficult” to “target or not” the NGOs operating in the field. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, some Ukrainian militias have actually used schools to house soldiers or use buses formerly used to transport soldiers for schoolchildren.

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