Ukraine: Ammunition depot explodes in Belgorod region as Russia suffers multiple bombings

Russian territory under attack. Ukrainian attack on an ammunition depot Belgorod region of RussiaOn the border with Ukraine, regional governor Vyacheslav Klatkov announced Thursday.

“Following a strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, an ammunition depot exploded in a village in the Belgorod region,” he said in a telegram, though noted that “according to preliminary data, there were no casualties or injuries.”

Vyacheslav Kladkov had already accused the Ukrainians of bombing an apartment building in the eponymous city on Thursday morning. “Ukrainian armed forces shelled Belgorod. Air defense was activated. There is destruction in a residential building,” he said, adding that there were no casualties. The Russian official also accused Kyiv of shelling the Russian village of Krasnoi, which borders Ukraine.

Ukrainian reprisals?

In the Russian region of Kursk, another border region with Ukraine, two villages were cut off Thursday after Ukrainian bombing damaged a power station, governor Roman Starovoit announced in a telegram.

On Tuesday, Vyacheslav Gladkov said 2,000 residents were without power after a Ukrainian strike at a power station in the town of Chebekino, Belgorod region. On Monday, another blast in the area killed a 74-year-old woman and injured several others.

These strikes continued A series of murderous bombings carried out by the RussiansMonday and Tuesday affected the Ukrainian capital or city of Lviv.

not that This is not the first time the region has been targeted for strikesLocal officials say Kyiv, but the regional capital Belgorod has rarely been targeted since the conflict began.

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Last week, Russia reported a “significant increase” in Ukrainian fire targeting Russian territories bordering Ukraine. According to Moscow, the strikes hit residential buildings, power plants, administrative buildings and border checkpoints.

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