Two men shot dead at gay bar in Slovakia

and “Serious young manSlovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger announced Thursday that two people had been shot dead at a gay bar in Bratislava. The shooting happened on Wednesday outside the Declaran bar in the city centre. Meanwhile, the killer was found dead at another location in the capital on Thursday, police said.

«Two people were murdered because they were part of the LGBTI community», Edward Heger told reporters.This is unacceptable». «Homosexuals have the right to live freely in a free democratic country.“, he added. On Twitter, Edward Heger described the shooter as “Serious young man».

“Painful Moment”

Local media identified him as 19-year-old Juraj Krajcik, the son of a prominent member of the far-right Vlast party. Did not get enough votes to enter parliament in 2020 parliamentary elections. European Commission Vice-President Maroz Cefcovic of Slovakia in his “Deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the horrific attack in Slovakia».

«It is a painful moment for the entire country. We must all stand firm against hate in all its forms“, he said on Twitter. The Teplaren bar is popular in the Slovak LGBTQ community. Witnesses told daily Sme that they heard up to 10 gunshots. According to media reports and a local university, one of the victims was a Chinese language student who worked part-time at Teplaren. The other was his friend, a clerk at the store. According to reports, A third person, the waitress who spoke with the two, was injured and hospitalized.

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Future ambassador for LGBT rights announcement amid controversy

Juraj Krajcik’s body was found in a park in another part of the city around 8:00 am (0600 GMT) on Thursday, police said. According to media reports, he left homophobic and anti-Semitic messages on a Twitter account, saying he was not sorry for his actions. A Slovak LGBTQ organization Inakost Initiative (Initiative of Diversity)Deeply shocked and touched“, a memorial demonstration in Bratislava on Friday announced on Facebook.

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