To Russian TV, the Ukrainian counterattack was planned to spoil Putin’s birthday

Every year on this symbolic date, ceremonies are organized in Russia to show the country’s unity behind its leader.

Russian TV and its ridiculous propaganda in its works. Whereas Russian President Vladimir Putin Celebrating its 70th birthday this Friday, the Rossiya 1 TV channel believes that the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive is planned to spoil the day by its most loyal supporter in the Kremlin, Vladimir Soloviev.

“It is obvious that today and tomorrow are going to be very intense days when the enemy will attack from all directions. Their goal is to destroy the Russian president’s birthday, they want symbols,” the columnist says. The beginning of the conflict.

In the only answer, as an example of the contradiction between Moscow historians and underground reality, his interlocutor, former deputy commander of the military district of Southern Russia, Andrei Viktorovich Kuruliov, limits himself to exposing the Russian military situation in Ukraine. .

“We have to prepare the accumulated resources we have, create new subdivisions, divisions and units. This will take time and as we have already said, we have to maintain a defensive line,” he replied.

“We can imagine everything”

Like a hangover from the Soviet era, Vladimir Putin’s birthday continues to be staged in an increasingly exalted cult of personality. In 2011, in Moscow, dozens of people gathered to sing the praises of the Russian leader and show the unfailing support of Russian society, which has shown signs of weakening in recent days.

This year, no presidential schedule has been announced for this day. According to Paul Koko, a journalist in Moscow who was called on the antenna of BFMTV this Thursday evening, “It’s always a surprise and we will find out the same day. It could be a coup in Donbas staged in Moscow, you can imagine anything.”

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