The WHO considers the elimination of control measures to be “brutal.”

Many European countries, including Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, raised more funds “Cruel” The World Health Organization (WHO) condemned on Tuesday, March 22, the finding that their anti-Govt. Hans Klook, director of the WHO in Europe, told a news conference in Moldova “With vigilance” In the current epidemic situation of the continent, confirms the persistence “Hope”.

Currently, the WHO Health Organization reports that the number of Govt-19 cases is increasing in 18 of the 53 countries in the European region. The UK, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy and Germany are the countries with the highest growth.Mr. Gluke underlined. “These countries have abruptly lifted restrictions from being too high.”The UN official said.

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“The number of hospital admissions is not declining anymore”

According to WHO data, the number of new cases in Europe dropped sharply at the end of January, but has been rising since the beginning of March. In the last seven days, the WHO has recorded more than 5.1 million new cases and 12,496 deaths in Europe, bringing the total number of cases diagnosed since the outbreak to nearly 194.4 million, bringing the death toll to more than 1.92. Million.

In France, the average number of victims of Covit-19, calculated in a week, continues to rise: the daily average on Sunday was about 89,000 cases, up from 65,200 a week earlier. The increase is also explained by the school environment: 3,184 classes were closed on Friday, up from 2,693 a week ago.

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Of further concern is the fact that the number of new hospital admissions has been leveled. “For two days, the number of hospital admissions has not decreased.”On Monday, the Minister of Health, Olivier VĂ©ran, noted Parisian.

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