The US and its allies are prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory,’ warns Joe Biden.

Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin on the evening of Friday, September 30, by pointing his finger at the camera filming him. “The US and its allies are fully prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory”The US president made the pledge, speaking hours after the Russian representative delivered A radical anti-Western speech – more specifically anti-American – When formalizing the joining of four regions in eastern and southern Ukraine. “Mr. Putin, understand what I’m saying: for every centimeter”, Mr. Biden insisted.

Responding to threats by the Russian president and other Russian officials to use nuclear weapons to defend newly annexed Ukrainian territories, the US president urged: “The United States and its allies will not be intimidated. » M. Poutine “Don’t scare us”He also qualified Friday ceremony “fake number” The Kremlin wanted to show the strength of the leader, but it was interpreted against him. “He was in trouble”.

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There is a risk that the Russian president will use nuclear weapons, but that is unknown “immediately”White House national security adviser Jack Sullivan told reporters on Friday. “Given the frivolous and bellicose way Putin talks about it, he’s considering it, and we’ve been very clear about what the consequences will be in the same way.he told reporters. We currently see no signs of immediate use of nuclear weapons. »

Immediate export of new US weapons

Noting the $12 billion in new aid to Ukraine voted in the US Congress, Mr. Biden promised. “Continue to supply military equipment” in the country “That way he can defend himself.”. Exports will be announced by the United States “immediately” New weapons for Ukraine next week, Sullivan said.

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The US also warned of a ban, in agreement with the G7 countries (Germany, Canada, the US, France, Italy, Japan and the UK). “any country, individual or entity” This would provide support to Russia’s takeover efforts “illegally” Territories in Ukraine.

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At the same time, the G7 countries reaffirmed in a press release on Friday “Don’t know[aient] These connections are not called”. The leaders of the EU countries also made the same promise in a joint statement They accused Moscow of putting it in “Global security is at stake”.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg condemned the merger. “illegal and illegal”. “Ukraine has the right to forcefully return these occupied territories, and we will continue to support the liberation of these territories.”He added at a press conference in Brussels: “Allies will never recognize these territories as part of Russia. (…) We are watching closely what Russia is doing (…) And we made it clear to Russia that the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine would have serious consequences. »

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