The UK has signed a security agreement with Sweden and Finland

As Sweden and Finland are expected to formalize their NATO membership applications in the coming days, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson’s summer residence in Harpsund, west of Stockholm, and Helsinki on Wednesday. May 11, to sign the Security and Mutual Security Agreement with the two Nordic countries.

An initiative that is considered the insurance of Sweden and Finland allows Boris Johnson to recall that his country plays a key role in European security, concerned about Russia’s reactions.

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“If any country is devastated or attacked, we will be there and help each other, including the military.”, Pledged to the British Prime Minister in Helsinki. Shortly before in Stockholm, he noted that the deal was possible “Share intelligence, conduct more joint military exercises and deepen our joint technological advances”.

Boris Johnson did not refuse to send British troops or assist in a nuclear deterrent. “We do not usually comment on this topic. [de la dissuasion nucléaire]But each of the two partners must make their own request [d’aide] And we take [cet engagement d’aide] Very seriously “, He made the remarks during a press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson. London has also offered to send troops from the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy and British troops to northern Europe.

A subtle intermediate period

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finnish President Saul Ninisto at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki on May 11, 2022.

The agreement comes at a time when two Nordic countries, members of the European Union (EU), are preparing applications for NATO membership. But before Sweden and Finland can join the transatlantic alliance, its thirty member states must first show the green light. Between four months and one yearFinnish Foreign Minister Becca Havisto warned.

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The two northern neighbors will find themselves in a subtle situation. “During this Middle Ages, the country waging a ruthless war is waging a disgraceful war against Ukraine.Explained Monte Tytti Tuppurainen, Finland’s Minister for European Affairs, wants the process to be “As soon as possible”.

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