“The ‘Satanic Verses,’ which have caused much ink and blood, are not strictly speaking of Muhammad or Islam.

AAs I write these lines, Salman Rushdie A fight against death who had already been watching him for thirty-three years for writing a novel; satanic verses, Imam Khomeini was accused of blasphemy by fatwa. Earlier, Aziz Nesin, a prolific comedy writer, volunteered to edit Satanic Verses My country, Turkey, survived an assassination attempt by fanatical Islamists.

Paradoxically, this novel, which has led to much ink and much blood today, including by its author, is not strictly speaking about Muhammad or Islam. Nabi is certainly one of his characters named Mahound, but the story has multiple axes, a complex structure and a narrative form that can be described as postmodern. Even slapstick comedy. The two sections, “Mahound” and “Jahiliyyah”, dealing with the revelation and conquest of Mecca by the Muslims, are structured like a dream of a main character whose name is Gabriel, the archangel of the New Testament and the Qur’an: Jibreel Farishta.

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The novel chronicles the incredible adventures of this character, an orphan-turned-star of Indian cinema like Muhammad and his alter-ego Saladin Samsa. He is the son of a wealthy businessman from Bombay who has a rational view of Islam and does not follow all the rules that seem too restrictive to him. He sends Saladin to England to study and assimilate into Western society. Saladin marries Pamela, an Englishwoman, but does not deny his culture and his roots.

London, a novel about the Babylon of modernity

Satanic Verses Hence the novel about exile and identity. About love, not just platonic. Sensation is one of the axes of the story. But this is above all a novel about London, a cosmopolitan and welcoming metropolis with an ex-colonial appeal. The author excels in her descriptions of the modernity of Babylon, the capital of the United Kingdom, and the reader discovers the past and present of an enigmatic city that welcomes immigrants while marginalizing them.

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If one is to believe Salman Rushdie’s biography, Saladin’s itinerary resembles his. Joseph Anton. The conflict between father and son is religious in the novel, while in the autobiography it is a question of admiration. After becoming an atheist, Saladin rebelled against his father, discovering his spiritual vocation as he grew older.

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