The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, supplied by Gazprom, is again operating at 30% of its capacity
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Cover Image: Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea gas pipeline at Lubmin in northern Germany. July 21, 2022. Markus Schreiber / AB

  • “It is no longer the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (two breakaway territories in eastern Ukraine), it is a series of Kherson and Zaporizhya (in the south) and other regions and this process continues steadily.Lavrov told the Ria-Novosti news agency There will be no talks with Kyiv “It doesn’t make any sense in the current situation”.
  • Ukraine has responded to the Russian announcement It called for more weapons and more sanctions against Moscow. “The Russians want blood, not negotiations. I call on all partners to strengthen sanctions against Russia and speed up arms deliveries to Ukraine., wrote Dmytro Kouleba, head of Ukrainian diplomacy. Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska, who has visited the US, made a sensational request for her role in the US Congress: “I ask you for more weapons (…) to protect everyone’s homes and to give them the right to rise alive in these homes”She started.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged on Tuesday (July 19) that gas giant Gazprom would fully meet its supplier obligations at a time when supplies to Europe have fallen amid conflict in Ukraine. “Gazprom has fulfilled, continues to fulfill and will fully fulfill its obligations if anyone needs them”He said at a press conference after the talks in Tehran.
  • On Tuesday, July 19, Mr. Putin called Advances in the export of Ukrainian agricultural products are currently being hampered by Russia’s invasion of the country. “We will facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain, but all restrictions on the air delivery of the export of Russian grain will be removed”said the Russian President.
  • Putin said on Wednesday, July 20, that he did not see any willingness on the part of Ukraine to honor the terms he had put forward. A preliminary peace agreement was concluded in March. Speaking on television after a visit to Iran, Vladimir Putin announced that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had offered to mediate between Moscow and Kiev. “The decision obviously depends on the will of the parties to implement the agreements reached. We see today that this is not the will of the authority at Q.”A dit Vladimir Poutine.
  • Russia “Works to unify Ukrainian territories”Using the same “Manual” 2014, alleged that to the Crimea, Tuesday July 19, the White House. “The Russian government has extensive plans to unify many regions in Ukraine, including Kherson, Zaporizhia and all of Donetsk and Luhansk regions”, Washington said. representatives “illegal” In these areas Moscow imposes “Puppet will organize referendums on reunification with Russia”, “During Russian Regional Elections in September”he added.
  • At the same time, Russia is trying to set up Russian banks there Generalize the use of ruble, “Forcing Residents to Apply for Russian Citizenship”, “imposing his followers in the security services”All inside “Sabotaging the Civil Internet”He promised more.
  • There have been bombings in eastern Ukraine. In Kramatorsk, a missile landed at the end of the morningTuesday, July 19, in a small garden surrounded by blocks of four-story buildings in the city center, Agence France-Presse (AFP) journalists noted. “At this point, we have a death.”Igor Yeskov, spokesman for the city hall, said.
  • Southern Ukraine was invaded by the Russian army. In the Odesa region, Russian forces fired seven missiles, injuring at least six people, including a child, the Ukrainian president’s office said. The Russian Defense Ministry, for its part, said the attacks on Odessa destroyed stockpiles of ammunition supplied by the West.
  • Six people were killed in a bomb blast in Doretsk on Monday, July 18, in eastern Ukraine. According to local officials, the shelling hit an apartment building in the city of about 30,000 people in the Donetsk region, one of the two Donbas provinces that Moscow wants to fully take over.
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