The military junta has ordered the suspension of RFI and France 24 broadcasts

France Médias Monde, the parent company of RFI and France 24, condemns the announcement.

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From Wednesday night, March 16 to Thursday night, March 17, the Malian regime ordered the broadcast to be stopped. RFI And France24 In Mali because, according to her, “False accusations” The abuses by the Malian military and two French media outlets were reported, the government said in a statement.

Government of Mali “Flatly denies these false allegations against the heroic Foma” (Malian Armed Forces) and “Performs a procedure (…) to suspend broadcasts of RFI (…) and France 24 until further notice”, A government spokesman Colonel Abdullah said in a statement signed by Micah and sent to the AFP. Two media outlets followed on Thursday morning, the AFP found.

The Malian government is specifically targeting RFI reports on victims of alleged abuses by the Malian military and a private Russian group, Wagner. Military jury “Flatly denies these allegations against the heroic Foma”According to Colonel Micah’s report, it’s comparable to the actions of the two French media. ” Mille Collins’ sadly famous character in practices and radio “, Who instigated the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Such a suspension of the two major foreign media outlets in Mali is not a recent precedent. RFI and France 24, which closely cover African news, are widely followed in Mali.

France Media WorldRFI and France 24’s parent company acknowledge and regret this announcement: France Media World Recalls its link between freedom of information and the professional and consistent work of its press teams. “

The French Foreign Ministry has condemned the attack “Serious Attacks on Press Freedom”And revealed “His Concern for Serious Allegations of Abuse” Announced by RFI and France 24 and contested by the military junta. The European Union has ruled “Unacceptable” Suspension of two media.

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