The Kremlin says NATO member Finland is a ‘definite’ threat to Russia

Ukraine condemns UN “endless list” of Russian abuses

For a while Extraordinary session The Human Rights Council, which ignored Moscow, met with Ukraine and its allies at the UN on Thursday. “Endless list” Abuses by Russia since the beginning of the invasion of Ukrainian territory on February 24. At the end of the meeting, Kiev demanded that the 47 member states of the Council vote on a draft resolution. “Investigation” UN Commission on International Human Rights in Ukraine on Serious Human Rights Violations Caused by Russian Occupation Troops in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Karkiv and Sumy in late February and March 2022 “Accountability must be taken into account”.

Launching operations, Ukraine’s first deputy foreign minister, Emin Djieper, said in a video speech:

Thousands of people have lost their lives in my country. Russian shelling and firing are a part of our daily lives. Torture and enforced disappearances, sexual and gender-based violence, the list of Russian crimes is endless.

During the discussions, several diplomats allied with kyiv, but the UN expressed its horror and anger at the suffering suffered by the Ukrainians. “Every day, with the Russian occupation, more and more horrific and unbearable discoveries”The French ambassador Jerome Bonaparte was confirmed, while his British envoy condemned it. “Terrible campaign” Led by Moscow.

Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, has previously accused the Russian military of actions. “Maybe war crimes” In Ukraine, he said, his office is constantly investigating allegations of abuse. “The scale of illegal executions is staggering, including signs of brief executions in northern Kiev.”He said he currently has information on 300 cases. MMe Bachelet also condemned “Unimaginable Horrors” People like Mariup suffered.

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