The foreign minister was sacked after voting on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

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Richard Randriamandrato was appointed head of the Malagasy Ministry of Foreign Affairs last March. This Tuesday, he was dismissed by President Rajolina’s decision. He is accused of single-handedly taking the decision to vote in favor of the UN resolution. Russia’s Illegal Connections in Ukraine “, Madagascar is always ” Non-aligned countries ».

With our correspondent in Antananarivo, Sarah Detat

Madagascar has always abstained during the referendum on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, indicating its neutrality. The removal of the Foreign Minister from the government following the referendum raises some questions.

« This decision to vote “Pour”, I took it into my heart and conscience “says Richard Randriamandrado, who was contacted by RFI minutes after his dismissal was announced.” I do not think that the interest of the nation will be affected by this referendum. “He continues,” History will decide the rest ».

On the other hand, to the question It means you voted in favor of the resolution without first discussing it with the President “, the minister escapes:” I will not react to it ».

The current former diplomatic chief indicates that he is loyal to the President, who trusted him twice: Richard Randriamandrado was already Minister of Economy and Finance this time from January 2019 to August 2021.

Amazing vote

In the ministry, the reason for his removal is confused. “ It is surprising that he did not receive any orders. Before acting, he is bound to take orders, especially for such an important vote. »

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The same surprise among presidents who have contacted a President, they say, has not practiced micro-management to run the country till date.

Would the foreign minister have acted as a fuse to calm the many discontents that erupted on social media after the referendum?

Relief to Ministry Employees

At the Foreign Ministry, the diplomatic chief’s exit comes as a relief to a large section of staff on strike, six months into his tenure as minister. His behavior towards employees was highly condemned, described by unions as moral harassment and discriminatory treatment.

Ministry staff calls for appointment of career diplomat, technologist: ” The average tenure of a foreign minister is 9 months to 10 years. With all the important files on fire – scattered islands, funding for the orientations of the Emergence-Madagascar project, economic diplomacy – ministers cannot be changed in 6 months anymore. We need someone from the palace. »

Pending future appointments, the interim will have to be confirmed by the Defense Minister.

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