The European Union has imposed sanctions on Iran’s drone suppliers to Russia

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17h56 : Several Russian agencies have reported that Vladimir Putin visited a training center for soldiers mobilized to travel to Ukraine. The president paid particular attention to tactical training and sniper exercises at a base in the Ryazan region, southeast of Moscow. According to several testimonies, the Russians are being sent to the front without receiving the promised training.

16h54 : Moscow condemns “Pressure” Washington and Brussels bet on Iran after the Europeans approved sanctions against the country. Tehran has been accused of supplying drones used by the Russian military in Ukraine. For its part, Kiev welcomed the response “quickly” of the European Union.

(Armed Forces of Ukraine)

16h36 : About 15,000 people were evacuated from the Kherson region. They are now on the left bank of the Dnieper River, which borders the city in southern Ukraine, said Kirill Stremosov, a pro-Russian official. kyiv condemns these actions as “deportation” of citizens to Russia.

1:13 p.m : EU member states have agreed to sanctions against three individuals and one company that supplied Russia with Iranian drones used in Ukraine. “After three days of talks, EU diplomats approve measures against companies supplying Iranian drones that attack Ukraine”said the Czech EU Presidency.

12h32 : “Battles are won on the battlefield.”

Our journalist Fabian Magneno spoke at length with the Mayor of Zhytomyr. Russian Attacks on Power Grid “Ukrainians can never be broken”Serhiy Soukhomline confirmed.

Mayor of Zhytomyr, Serhiy Sukhomlin, during a video conference interview with Franceinfo on October 19, 2022.  (FRANCEINFO)


12h29 : “The heating season is starting. But to start the heat generation plants, we need electricity. This is a challenge for the whole city.”

A Zhitomir, In the west of Kiev, the mayor was forced to suspend public electric transport In order to reduce the load on the network.

12h25 : They raise fears of a collapse of the energy grid. Russian forces have been conducting massive attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure for several days. Electricity restrictions have now been introduced across Ukraine. Our journalist Fabian Magneno understands this strategy of “electric chaos” led by the Kremlin..

The streets of Kyiv (Ukraine) plunged into darkness on October 15, 2022, as residents were asked to reduce their electricity use.  (Medin Aktas / Anadolu Agency / AFP)

(Medin Aktas / Anadolu Agency / AFP)

11h57 : In parallel, the Russian Book Union asked Alexander Kinstein to control the conformity of several works of classical literature. This letter specifically addresses cases L’Iliade (Homer), in Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare), Des Ghosts (Fyodor Dostoyevsky), from Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov), d Notre Dame of Paris (Victor Hugo), or Encore from Morphine (Mikhail Polkakov).

11h59 : In Russia, the Duma will consider several bills to strengthen today “Fight Against LGBT Propaganda”, reports Deputy Alexander Kinstein, quoted by TASS Agency. These activities are particularly targeted at media, literature and advertising. The Chosen One had already hit the cartoon Peppa Pig Or South Park, Monday, during panel hearings. Other speakers compared homosexuality “Satanism”.

10h40 : Russian strikes across the eastern part of Ukraine, especially in the Kharkiv region and the capital of the same name. A resident Testifies for Franceinfo From the hell of daily bombings. “It’s not reality, it feels like a movie.”

10h43 : situation “Tense” According to the Russian army around Kherson, in southern Ukraine, the only regional capital captured by the Russians.“Meter by meter progressing”, A Ukrainian soldier testifies in front. The Ukrainians are in place and the Kremlin has decided “evacuation” in the population of the region.

(Thibault Lefebvre / Radio France)

10h47 : “Everybody is saying that Russian troops are suffering heavy losses at this time. Beyond the Wagner group, I have sources in the special forces and in the intelligence of the Urals military district, who say that the regiment lost 80% of its men.”

09h55 : There is no way we can win this war.”, says a former Russian mercenary from Wagner Group. A paramilitary group is intervening in Ukraine to fill gaps in the Russian military, but the situation on the ground remains complicated. Collected by France Info A rare testimony from a former mercenary refugee in France.

(Dimitar Tilkoff/AFP)

09h43 : “Terrorism carried out by Russian bombs and missiles is an act of desperation.”

The “Scorched Earth Trick” Led by Russia “Only strengthens the determination and perseverance of Ukraine and its allies”, Olaf Scholes declares before the Bundestag. The principal adds “Financial Needs” Ukraine by the end of the year “Really Closed”.

07h54 : Conclusion expected in Russia: Vladimir Putin institutes martial law in Ukraine’s four annexed regions. This would allow the Kremlin to regain control of these territories. We explain to you What would replace the martial law imposed by Russia?.


07h09 : Echo of Moscow, which is banned in Russia, has resumed broadcasting from Berlin to fight radio. “propaganda” The rule of Vladimir Putin. In early March, the iconic station, like other Russian independent media outlets, announced it was disbanding. Turn the screw inside He was an accomplice to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

06h49 : Ukraine prepares to curb its energy consumption to cope with the destruction of its infrastructure by the Russian military as winter approaches. President Volodymyr Zelensky called on people to be ready “All Possible Scenarios”. Bomb blasts Yesterday continued everywhere In Ukraine, including the capital.

06h28 : Russia and Iran yesterday categorically refused to hand over Tehran to the UN Armed drones in Moscow on its war in Ukraine, before the press at the door of the Security Council after a two-hour meeting behind closed doors. For its part, the EU has pledged future sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

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