The data suggest a planned action from the cockpit

The information coming from the black box of the device will indicate the action on the controls that caused the crash The Wall Street Journal.

Data recovered from the crash of a Boeing 737-800 in China on March 21 states on Tuesday, May 17 that a person in the cockpit may have caused a deliberate disaster. The Wall Street Journal Citing those who know about the preliminary assessment.

The China Eastern Airlines plane, which connects the cities of Kunming (southwest) and Canton (south), crashed into a mountain in Guangxi province (south) after an indescribable fall of several thousand meters in a matter of minutes.

Implementing descent controls

Information from the black box found after the crash quotes what people said about the preliminary assessment of U.S. officials, and according to the business diary, someone had implemented restrictions that caused the landing.

China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) is officially responsible for the investigation. In a statement at the end of April, he said he had prepared an initial report without giving details of what caused the crash that killed 132 people. Representatives of the US Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) provide technical assistance in accordance with international aviation rules.

Qualifications “In good condition”

Contacted by the AFP on Tuesday, the U.S. agency indicated it did not want to comment on another authority-led investigation. Boeing declined to comment, citing rules that only the officer in charge of the ongoing investigation could report on its progress.

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In a press release issued by the CAAC at the end of April, the qualifications of the flight crew and maintenance personnel “In good condition»Certificate of flight eligibility of the aircraft as well. China Eastern said it had no doubts about the company, the pilot and the two co-pilots. In general, Chinese authorities have imposed strict controls on information surrounding the disaster.

The plane did what someone in the cockpit said“, One source said The Wall Street Journal Before pointing out that Chinese authorities have not yet warned of any mechanical problem or flight control of the device. According to the newspaper, U.S. officials divert their attention to the actions of one pilot, and a third person may have entered the cockpit.

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