The bodies of missing hikers in the mountains were exposed by the melting snow

Within weeks, two bodies and a corpse from a plane that had been missing for decades were found in the Swiss Alps.

As the Earth warms, the ice melts. The extreme temperatures affecting the European continent this year are accelerating the melting of glaciers after a winter with little snow. Consequence: The mountains reveal new secrets.

Two human bodies and plane wreckage have been found in the Swiss Alps in the past few weeks. Innovations that should be more and more frequent with climate change.

On August 3, two French climbers discovered the bones while climbing Sesgen Glacier, in the province of Valais, according to the local police who now identify him. Hikers discovered it as they hiked the disused trail for years. RTS reports.

“He’s a Mummy”

A week ago, another body appeared Stagge Glacier, near the famous resort of Zermatt. Alerted by “flashing colors” easily visible in the snow, two Frenchmen at first thought they saw another climber struggling in the distance. They say Parisian.

However, when they got closer, they actually found a corpse: mutilated limbs, a head severed from the body, and desiccated skin. “It was a mummy. The cold of the glacier froze everything,” said Luc Lechanoin, one of the hikers.

“He didn’t have the technical equipment of today. He wore leather shoes, with steel studs that had long been out of use. Everything was perfectly preserved.”

A telescope discovered in 1974 on his side of the stick suggests that his death may have been in the 1970s or 1980s. In fact, the process of identifying bodies can sometimes be lengthy. Once an idea about the year of the disappearance comes up, it’s a question of finding a letter in the missing hiker’s critical file.

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A plane wreck in 1968

40 years ago, the spot where the body was found corresponded to the bottom of a crevasse. Today, due to global warming, this is the current height of the glacier.

Sometimes, melting glaciers have other surprises. Earlier this month, an assembly guide fell into the wreckage of an aircraft while it was operating Aletsch Glacier. A Piper Cherokee crashed in June 1968. The bodies of three passengers have already been found, but the plane has been missing for 54 years.

Melting glaciers cause regular discoveries of the bodies of people who have been missing for decades. In June 2012, the same Aletsch glacier returned the bones of three brothers who died in 1926. Swiss newspaper reports Time. In 2019, Michael Baut found his friend Jean-Francois Benedetti, who had disappeared. Ailfried’s SummitIn the Hautes-Alps, in 1976.

Dead bodies in a dry lake

A phenomenon not confined to the Alps. Melting snow on Everest reveals more bodies of climbers as nearly 300 people died during the grueling climb and most of them are still buried under the ice.

Similarly, on the other side of the Atlantic, drought-stricken Lake Mead near Las Vegas has seen its water level drop dramatically at a rate of 30 centimeters every week. In addition to the environmental disaster caused by this progressive drying up, several corpses in the lake, previously submerged, were recently discovered.

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