The Biden administration was forced to maintain border controls over immigrants

A federal judge in Louisiana on Friday, May 20, ruled that Joe Biden’s administration was failing to remove a health care measure implemented by the Trump administration during an outbreak that could expatriate immigrants crossing U.S. territory without a visa. Authorities wanted to remove the device, known as “Title 42”, on May 23 because it was highly controversial because it prevented asylum seekers from making their claim, but Republican governors in 24 states took legal action against it.

“Tribunal finds plaintiffs fulfilling conditions” To obtain its temporary maintenance, Judge Robert Summerhause wrote in his judgment Friday. That “Complainants” In particular, they say the abolition of the measure would cause an uprising at the border and, as a result, increase the number of illegal immigrants living on their land. The Biden government immediately announced its decision to appeal.

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Le “Title 42” In 1893 a public health measure was taken to protect against the numerous epidemics of cholera and yellow fever in the United States. After that it was very rarely implemented. In March 2020, the government of former President Donald Trump implemented this health system, which allows the immediate evacuation of detainees without a residence permit detained at land borders.

Reaction device

This measure applies immediately and does not allow legal support even for those who wish to file an asylum application. Rare exceptions are made for certain nationalities, such as Ukrainians, or for minors who have not been invaded by their country or Russia. Since its inception, the device has been used more than 1.8 million times.

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Human rights activists fear the maintenance of “Title 42”, which, paradoxically, translates into an uprising of attempts to cross the border illegally with Mexico. Because expatriates expelled under this system have no legal or judicial consequences, they can try their luck as much as they want. But they lament that accidents – dehydration in the desert, drowning, falling while crossing a wall – cause many injuries and deaths.

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States seeking to maintain “Title 42” were prompted by apocalyptic figures, saying that if health measures were removed, the number of attempts to cross the border would now rise from 7,000 to more than 18,000 a day. Many of these visa-free immigrants are believed to be waiting for 30,000 to 60,000 to open the border in northern Mexico, where they promise they will escape arrest by border guards.

Very political material

The Biden government acknowledged in early May that large numbers of immigrants would arrive, but Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Myorgas said he was ready to manage the pressure on the Mexican border. He sends a clear message home to candidates for illegal immigration: “Do not come”.

In the last three weeks of April, the U.S. Border Patrol arrested an average of 7,800 immigrants each day. This is almost five times the average of the 1,600 migrants registered between 2014 and 2019 before the epidemic. A few months before the midterm elections in November, both Republicans and Democrats acknowledged the problem.

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The White House talks about the immigration system “Failure” His Republican opponents have accused Mr Blair of failing to protect the country’s southern border. When blaming Biden, Congress should fix it.

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