Tensions in Asia: Chinese warplanes and warships conduct mock strike drills against Taiwan, Taiwan military deploys air and sea patrols

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Chinese warplanes and warships conducted mock attack drills over Taiwan on Saturday, Taiwanese officials said, in response to a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who pushed Beijing to suspend talks with the United States on several fronts.

arrival Nancy Pelosi At the beginning of the week TaiwanThat Sign claims as an integral part of its territory Beijing’s anger And gave a raise Unprecedented Chinese military exercises, including the launch of ballistic missiles over the Taiwanese capitalTaipei.

These Chinese military exercises are expected to last until noon on Sunday.

On Saturday morning, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced this Several Chinese ships and aircraft have conducted missions in the Taiwan StraitAccording to Taipei, exercises that are part of A simulated attack on the main island of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s military issued an alert and sent aerial reconnaissance aircraft patrols and ships to monitor the situation.

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