Tense exchanges between Xi Jinping and Justin Trudeau at the G20

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Bali on November 16, 2022. Adam Scotti/PMO / REUTERS

The Chinese president criticized his Canadian counterpart for leaking private diplomatic exchanges between Canada and China to the press.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met on Wednesday at the G20 summit in Indonesia. The Canadian leader said he discussed the issue with the Chinese president at a press conference after their meeting.interferenceChina in Canada’s internal affairs. “I mentioned the question of interference with our citizens, and it’s important to have a conversationAbout this question“This was announced by Justin Trudeau at the end of the bilateral meeting.

Last week, Justin Trudeau had already said China was getting involved.For aggressive gamesAlong with Canadian democracies and institutions, A. followed the publication Canadian Channel ReportGlobal NewIn Canada, particularly during the 2019 Canadian federal elections, the complaint alleges interference in the electoral process. China in Canada specifically to control Chinese exiles or foreigners.

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Asked about the progress of the meeting, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said he had no information. However, thanks to the video the channel posted on Twitter CTV – The chain of Chinese influence in the world – The whole world got to see a debate between Xi Jinping and Justin Trudeau, during which the Chinese President expressed his displeasure with the Canadian Prime Minister. According to the Chinese president, Justin Trudeau allegedly leaked the contents of their private conversation to the press. In the video, Xi Jinping, accompanied by his translator, can be seen announcing: “Everything we discussed was leaked to the press, which was not acceptable“. He added, “ThatThis conversation did not happen», questioning the veracity of the meeting report published in the press. Justin Trudeau replied that I believe China and Canada.Even if we don’t agree on everything, constructive discussions will continueBefore Xi Jinping retorted he said “First, agree to the terms of the discussion».

These tensions between Canada and China on the private side of diplomatic talks are unlikely to improve relations between the two countries, which have already been strained for some years. In 2018, Canada stopped Daughter of Huawei founder Meng Wanzhou At the request of the United States, it sought his extradition. After a mutual prisoner exchange between Ottawa and Beijing, he was stranded in Canada for three years before returning to China. But the case has long soured relations between the two countries.

At the same time, Canada is moving ever closer to the US position of formal conflict with China. For example, in May 2022, Canada banned ZTE and Huawei, two major Chinese companies in its territory, that many Western countries considered companies that China could use to spy on American or European telecommunications.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that this is not the first time that diplomatic discussions have fueled tensions between heads of state. Last May, after releasing a documentary France 5 was revealed Telephone conversations Between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the Kremlin France had accused it of violating “diplomatic etiquette”..

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