technical problems with voting machines in Arizona; Trump touts unprecedented wins in 2022

In Arizona, some election machines are experiencing technical problems

In Arizona (southwest), local officials announced Tuesday morning that midterm elections were disrupted by technical problems affecting some machines in the state’s most populous Maricopa County. The district — which includes Phoenix, the Grand Canyon State capital — “Environment 20%” 223 polling stations meet “a problem” With machines responsible for reading bulletins, explained on Twitter Republican Bill Gates is responsible for smoothing the billionaire’s name and ballot.

It is in this district of 4.5 million people that a large part of the allegations of electoral fraud in the state in 2020 – dismissed – have been concentrated. Joe Biden passed Donald Trump (Democrats won the election by just 10,000 votes).

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“We are trying to resolve this issue as quickly as possible”, Mr. Gates explained, assuring voters that this did not deter them from voting. If a problem occurs, a “Solution Change” Planned, he insisted. Voters cast their votes by a “Safe Box”It is open “Later at Night” Votes should be counted by machines. They can vote in a different office.

As proceedings opened at 6 a.m., one of the polling stations located in the downtown library experienced a problem with its machines, AFP journalists noted. Only voters who had already sealed an envelope could deposit it, while others were asked to go to another office 500 meters away.

County Sheriff Paul Benson announced that security measures have been stepped up ahead of the election. “Totally Intolerable” Against voter intimidation. “If you want to break the law, there are many cells waiting for you”, he said at a press conference. But that didn’t stop masked observers, some of whom were armed, from going around the ballot drop boxes in advance, they say, to prevent ballot box stuffing.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat running for governor, said she expects legal challenges to the ballot count and results. In front of reporters, Hobbs also said he expected his opponent, Republican Gary Lake, to win before the results were out.

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