Taking down a new network linked to the Mossad

Iran announced on Thursday July 28 that it had arrested five people from a network linked to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Removing another similar cell, the official IRNA agency said. “A five-man spy ring affiliated with the Zionist regime of Israel was identified and arrestedThe agency said, citing a statement from Iran’s police intelligence.

Members of this network contacted a Mossad intermediary “Encouragement by the leader of a separatist group“, pointed out without identifying the text. They”Collected information“in”Important and important areasOf the country, the police report said, they “Started arson, wrote slogans and spread propaganda against the Islamic Republic“and”He received the necessary training to carry out armed operationsยป In Iran.

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Several arrests by foreign intelligence agents

On Saturday, Iranian authorities announced the arrest.Members of a terrorist organization“, linked to Mossad planning targeted attacks”Sensitive sites” in the country. On Wednesday, Iran said the arrested agents were members of Gomala, a Marxist group that campaigns for autonomy for Kurdish-populated areas in the country’s north and has been classified as illegal since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Tehran has already on several occasions announced the arrest of agents working for the intelligence services of foreign countries, particularly its arch-enemy, Israel. The Islamic Republic said it had arrested in July “Agents“Members of a”networkWorked for Israel and seized the weapons usedRiots“. He previously accused the Jewish state of destroying some of its nuclear sites and killing several Iranian scientists.

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