Swiss airspace “reopened” after system crash

System crash lasted only a few hours: traffic was paralyzed after a computer crash, Swiss airspace “Reopened”, Skyguide – the regulatory body – was announced on Wednesday, June 15 after 8:30 p.m.

“Swiss airspace reopens and resumes operations at Switzerland and Geneva and Zurich airports”Skyguide wrote without mentioning the origin of the failure.

The Geneva-Kaintrin International Airport was also announced Twitter is gradually resuming air trafficAfter the total freeze of the Swiss sky.

Due to this crash on Skyguide, all departures and landings in the country have been suspended. “ Swiss airspace closed for security reasonsSkyguide wrote in A Report Released in the morning. A spokesman for Zurich Airport, another major airport in the Alpine country, said the airport remained open despite the crash.

Skyguide does not provide any explanation for the cause of the crash, only specifies it “This closure will apply until further notice” And emphasizes that the company “We regret the consequences of this incident and its customers, partners and passengers at the Geneva and Zurich airports and are working hard to find a solution.”.

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