Swiss airspace closed for several hours due to system failure – 06/15/2022 17:14 pm

April 18, 2010 (AFP / FABRICE COFFRINI) Tarmac at Geneva Cointrin Airport

April 18, 2010 (AFP / FABRICE COFFRINI) Tarmac at Geneva Cointrin Airport

Swiss airspace was closed for several hours on Wednesday morning, affecting air traffic control due to computer malfunctions, landing thousands of passengers in Zurich and Geneva, but disrupted traffic at Mulhouse Airport – Basel.

Skyguide, the company responsible for air traffic control in the Alpine country, is still trying to determine the exact cause of the crash, its spokesman told AFP. This breakdown is linked to the failure of system components.

The trail of the cyber attack was discarded. “We are 99.9% sure about that,” his spokesman said.

A technical problem with Skyguide was resolved and the airspace closure was lifted at 08:30 (06:30 GMT), allowing Skyguide to resume flight operations in a statement released early in the morning.

Following the crash in the early hours of the morning, Swiss airspace was completely closed for “security reasons”, temporarily blocking any superficial flight over the Alpine country. Planes must have landed in neighboring countries.

Flights were diverted to Milan and Mulhouse.

Flights from Dubai and Johannesburg, a Lufthansa subsidiary of Swiss Airlines, were to be diverted to Milan, while two long-haul flights from Montreal and Chicago were diverted to Mulhouse-Basel Euro-Airport. A Swiss spokesman told AFP that a cargo ship from Shanghai had terminated its flight to Vienna.

The Swiss had to cancel 60 flights from Zurich, affecting 6,400 passengers and 8 flights in Geneva carrying 700 passengers.

The closure of Swiss airspace had a knock-on effect on Mulhouse-Basel Airport on French soil. “This morning, only a few planes were able to take off and land,” Euro Airport said.

Since 8:00 GMT, air operations in Zurich, Switzerland’s main hub, have been operating at 100% efficiency, but with significant delays. They have been re-launched in Geneva with several delays and cancellations.

Geneva airport spokeswoman Ignace Jeannerat said about 2,000 people had been injured and would not return to normal until tomorrow morning.

In Geneva, dozens of annoyed passengers gathered in front of the departing group, their phones ringing in their ears.

“We are trying to find a solution from Lyon, but for now, we have nothing,” AFP explained to Sandrine Vert, 52, who split with his family in Croatia, who arrived at the airport from Geneva from Annecy. -Savoy.

“I do not know how we are going to do it. The holidays are in question,” he added, adding that the family was eager to find someone to take them to Geneva when the holiday rent was restructured.

– Major Airports –

Zurich is the leading airport in Switzerland. In 2021, 10.2 million passengers boarded or traveled there. But with the gradual removal of health restrictions, traffic has increased sharply since March, approaching pre-epidemic levels each month.

The airport rose to 1.3 million in March, 1.8 million in April and 1.9 million in May, bringing the number of seats served up to 191 in the summer in the face of a strong tourism recovery expected two years later. Infectious.

More than 5.9 million passengers used Geneva Airport, and traffic has risen to more than one million passengers per month since March.

With the resumption of tourism, 1.14 million passengers passed through the airport in May, according to provisional figures from Geneva Airport.

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