Story by Le Picaro’s special correspondent

Young children play on a beach in Odesa, as it warns ‘Caution, mined beach’. EDOUARD DE MARESCHAL/ Le Figaro

Report – During this period, the Black Sea town, usually packed with tourists, is regularly hit by Russian missiles.

Special Envoy to Odessa

in front Black Sea, a young woman doing cartwheels in the sand. Her mother casually takes pictures of her, perched atop a watchtower that was once used to monitor swimmers. Behind, at the foot of the concrete steps leading down to the beach, is a sign with a skull on a bright red background: “Attention, Mines”. Wearing a large white hat, Irina says she broke the ban without warning. “It’s the first time I’ve taken my daughter there since the war started because the beaches were told they were closed. But I saw there were men, so I let her go. I don’t care, she didn’t go far.”She said with a slightly nervous smile.

About fifteen swimmers walk along this stretch of sand between two restaurant terraces in the Arcadia district, a center of nightlife and popular tourism. Most of them stayed on the concrete embankment. Others have extended their…

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