Spain’s Ledicia: subtle rumors and denials … his most difficult integration into the royal family

Every official appearance of the Queen Leticia de Espegne Is a feast for the eyes. On the eve of his 50th birthday – which he will celebrate next September – he continues to carry out the tasks assigned to him by the status of former journalist with elegance, elegance and style. As revealed in the new episode of this series, this task was not successful a few years ago Bourbons, Aired on the Atresplayer platform. Like Crown, This project highlights the gray areas of the Spanish royal family, especially the arrival of Leticia within the crown. We are far from a romantic novel.

His smile, which was evident in all situations, obscured a dark reality. Already divorced and close trade unionists, communists or journalists, there was a risk that Lydia would be deeply disturbed by the sight of his son Felipe falling in love, and the sovereign Juan Carlos of the time before he resigned was not really happy. The latter engaged in a ruthless battle to overthrow the one who had broken the heart of his son.

According to Raja, leticia is a source of problems that should be eliminated at all costs. This is why he calls the secret department to put the young woman’s secret file. He especially discovered that a man had painted her ToplessThat Daily Mail Had revealed. Then there are rumors of abortion and drug use, which diminishes Leticia’s reputation within the royal family. The only caveat for the main interested parties: to be beautiful and to be in the course of love.

These restrictions increase the distrust of other members of the family, Queen Sophia and Infantas Elena and Christina, but did not prevent the merger of Leticia and Felipe on May 22, 2004. Such situations are not really at the peak of a situation. Who cares. The former journalist enjoys his delight in front of a crowd gathered around the palace to cheer on this beautiful event. She did well. With courage and patience, Leticia took revenge on her. The eager gifts and sponsorship that Juan Carlos received pushed her out, and Infanta Cristina also got involved in strange affairs, facing the court and breaking up with her husband just like Elena. On June 19, 2014, Leticia became the Queen’s wife following the resignation of her mother – in – law. The story of karma, no doubt.

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