Shootings and new army brigades in Ouagadougou

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While the morning was quiet in Ouagadougou and ensuring a return to normalcy, scenes rang out again in the Burkinabe capital. Soldiers have also been mobilized. Captain Ibrahim Drey replaced Paul-Henri Sandoko Damiba after a chaotic day earlier in the day.

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3:30 PM: « The situation in Ouagadougou remains tense. French diplomacy notes. It is recommended to limit one’s movements to the strictly necessary, observe an attitude of caution and reserve, and avoid crowds. The curfew is in force from 9 pm to 5 am. The airport is currently closed and all flights have been temporarily suspended. » Visit the French diplomatic website.

Update at 2:30 PM: At noon, the situation turned chaotic again, reports our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Sidy Yansané. At the end of the morning, gunfire rang out in United Nations Square in the city center. It has since been completely banned by the military. It is impossible to get closer than 100 meters.

Surroundings of Radiodiffusion-Television du Burkina Faso (RTB), where the prime minister is, are also restricted. A few streets away from this United Nations location, the large market had some traffic. On the main roads, the traffic jammed at high speed due to the movement of motorcycles and cars, and as all the vehicles turned back, the traders were closing their shops.

The Ouaga 2000 district is also cordoned off. Gunshots were heard and helicopters were monitoring the area, an AFP reporter said. Then the situation turned tense again and the morning was very quiet. The streets were busy. This morning, there didn’t seem to be any Another coup on Friday, apart from heavily armed soldiers around the RTB headquarters. It is not known whether these are conflicts between the new regime and the old regime.

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The tensions followed the overthrow of transition leader Paul-Henri Damiba on Friday by soldiers of the MPSR, a patriotic movement in defense of the restoration. They appointed captain Ibrahim Trar as the new strength of the country. Second coup in eight months in Burkina Faso.

Mr. Roche asked former President Marc Christian Gabor to step down in January. Tamiba pushed. This time he was the one who was pushed out. On Friday evening, after the overthrow of the presidency, the rulers spoke on television. They specifically announced the closure of land and air borders, the suspension of the constitution and the dissolution of the government and interim legislature.

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