Seven to eight – “pure courage”, “tears in your eyes”, “unbearable images”: tweets moved by report on Iranian women’s revolt

TF1 Live/Seven to Eight screen capture

This Sunday, October 9, 2022, seven to eight moved Internet users with a report on protests against the oppression of Iranian women. Many tweeters praised the courage of these women, who were willing to risk their lives for freedom. Along with these strong images, another thing about the two Swiss TikTokers that seemed so plain to them…

Like every Sunday, TF1 viewers can find their news bulletin Seven to eight. On October 9, 2022, the project offered Harry Rosselmack Proposed a report on one couple in particular Dictators Swiss 20 million subscribers. Both Nicolas and Daniela have accumulated 5 billion views on Tiktok and do not hesitate to share the most intimate moments of their lives, from the marriage proposal in the desert. seeï, their son’s first cry in the bathroomChildbirth : Thus Nicholas learns that he is going to be a father at the same time as his subscribers. Between schoolboy sketches like “One Boy, One Girl,” a sitcom project, and juicy partnership proposals from brands, the report plunged viewers into the day-to-day lives of the star-studded couple in a highly exposed and slightly “exaggerated” (according to tweeters) duo. . So it is difficult to negotiate the turn with what followed: The Women revolt in Iran. A particularly harsh statement caused a powerful wave of emotion on Twitter. And for good reason…

from Death of Mahsa Amini On September 16, Iranian women (and Iranians, as the documentary shows), who were allegedly tortured by the morality police for not covering their hair sufficiently, are turning out in large numbers to rebel against the current regime. The report specifically followed a woman in her thirties who participated in the protests, whose name has been changed to Roya to avoid identification. This young woman is flogged and imprisoned for months for shopping the streets of Tehran with her bare hands. But that doesn’t stop it from sweeping the dangers. Followed by seven to eight cameras, Roya goes to a supermarket where he finds two undressed women who look like him. “Courage spreads, you become bold as a lion and say to yourself, ‘I’m not alone,'” she later enthused.

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“Huge respect for these fighting women”

His apartment has become a veritable headquarters of demonstrators, where his supporters march with good and bad news. Like when a friend of theirs was arrested… It’s hard for them to get reliable information: the authorities shut down the internet between 4pm and midnight, the protest time. By protesting on the street, Roya and her friends take all the risks. 185 people are said to have already been killed in this crackdown. The most shocking footage in the report showed an Iranian man shot dead in his car for honking his horn to show his support for the demonstrators.

On September 20, Nika Shakarami, 16, disappeared during a demonstration. His body was found ten days later. During an interview with a foreign media outlet, her mother said her daughter was beaten and her skull was crushed. For his part, Mahza Amini, a relative of another victim of repression, gave an interview via the Internet to teams of seven to eight. He cites pressure from the regime since his cousin’s death: “They want our family to say that Mahsa had an illness From childhood, but that’s not true.”

The report then returned to Roya’s activities. Wary of plainclothes militants shooting people openly filming demonstrations, the 30-year-old had an idea: hide his phone in a tissue box placed on his car’s dashboard. On her own responsibility… on Twitter, the bravery of Iranian women to risk their lives and reclaim their freedom has impressed many. And many viewers wanted to support them.

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