Russian services allegedly spied on training of Ukrainian soldiers in Germany

According to German counterintelligence, the sites in Itar-Oberstein and Grafenwohr are subject to surveillance.

Russian services allegedly spied training Ukrainian soldiers in the use of new weapons at military bases, including an American one located in Germany, a German weekly newspaper said on Friday, August 26. GlassL.

The German military counterintelligence service called MAD”CodesAccording to the weekly, in these spying activities. Two sites in particular will be under surveillance: the US military-run Idar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate) and Grafenwoehr (Bavaria) sites.

German counter-intelligence reports specifically indicate the presence of vehicles near the entrance to military camps in Idar-Oberstein, where the German military trained Ukrainian soldiers in the use of howitzers.Howitzer 2000While at Grafenwöhr, US forces trained Ukrainians in Western artillery systems. According to MAD, the training ground was flown several times by small drones. German services also suspect Russia of trying to spy on the mobile phones of Ukrainians training in Germany.

MAD fears that the Russian services are trying to eliminate enemies who have left Russia to seek refuge in Germany, or deserters and defectors from the security forces. In recent years, there have been several espionage cases in Germany that have been blamed on Russian services. The latter are suspected of ordering the massacre in the heart of the Chechen dissident of the Georgian nation.

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