Russian military officer identified by Ukrainian activists

Azadbek Omurbekov, a lieutenant colonel, is suspected of ordering the expulsion of Russian troops from Potsdam. – Russian24


He is already nicknamed the “Butcher’s Butcher” by some. The Ukrainian news site quoted Russian Lieutenant-Colonel Azadbek Omurbekov as a soldier in charge of operations in the city of Bautja in March.

Identified Commander of the 64th Motorized Infantry Regiment of the Russian Army, in his forties தகவல் நாபால்ம் – a site run by Ukrainian activists investigating war crimes – similar to the leader of war crimes in Botswana.

“What appears in the accounts published in the British press TimesHis faction was there during the events, “Ulysse Gosset, an international political columnist, told BFMTV.” His faction occupied the village of Boutcha until last weekend, “he added.

Military identity, American “absolute priority”

According to Ulysse Gosset, the presence of his forces in this city, which has been the subject of many abuses, “gives him a responsibility”. “For all that he commanded? Did he allow it to happen or encourage it?” The journalist asks.

According to our American colleagues CNNThe United States believes that “the Russian military units that perpetrated the atrocities in Bautista can be identified” and that identifying those involved is “now a priority.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister spoke on BFMTV about the death toll of “more than 400” victims in the Ukrainian city, and pointed out that the authorities “certainly count” the more than 1000 “civilians” killed in Boutcha and its environs.

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