Russian accusations of “dirty bomb” on UN Security Council’s menu

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18h24 : Hop, at 6pm, we have a new comment on the news:

• Automatic fines of up to 750 euros against polluting vehicles from the end of 2024. It was decided today First Ministerial Monitoring Committee for Low Emission Zones (ZFE). These ZFEs currently concern 11 French cities, with 43 to be added by 2025.

• Rishi Sunak was officially appointed Prime Minister by King Charles III. In his first speechHe promised to “to fix” they “Errors” Confirmed under lis dress.

“30,000 Police and Gendarmes” Mobilized every day to ensure the safety of the 2024 Olympic Games, “600 000” Visitors look forward to the opening ceremony… Figures presented by Gerald Dorman in the Senate this afternoon.

• In a new coordination group, Vladimir Putin agreed “Faces administrative problems”, Especially on players’ equipment. “We need to speed up our work in all sectors [de la mobilisation]”, promised President of Russia. Follow our life.

• Giuliano Da Empoli, Brigitte Giraud, Chloe Gorman and Mackenzie Orsel… One of the four will be the winner of the Prix Concorde 2022. See you on November 3rd to find out who the winner is.

16h47 : One last piece of information to remember: Mikhail Mychostin explains that the Kremlin’s hotline for mobilized people received 1.5 million calls, but the number is decreasing.

16h56 : The Russian Prime Minister also spoke. “Increased production of protective clothing for the needs of the army”Mikhail Michoustin said. In this article published on Sunday, you were told that families of mobilized Russian citizens often need to buy equipment and supplies for their loved ones. This situation has led to stock-outs and price inflation in many specialty stores in the country.

16h50 : New Coordinating Committee for Vladimir Putin. Speaking via video, the Russian president acknowledged the presence “Faces administrative problems”, Especially on players’ equipment. “We need to speed up our work in all sectors [de la mobilisation]”, A promise le President of Russia.

16h30 : The new UN Security Council will be held behind closed doors this evening. Only one file on the agenda: Russia’s accusations that it ensures Ukraine produces. “His Bombs”. The debate is taking place at the initiative of Moscow. If the topic interests you, we help you understand what we’re talking about In this article.

16h08 : Norway’s counter-intelligence service (PST) has announced the arrest of a suspected Russian spy. The latter, posing as a Brazilian researcher, worked on Norwegian policy and hybrid threats in the High North. The suspect has been detained for four weeks.

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15h53 : Who are the men and women in charge of preparing strikes from Russia on Ukrainian soil? Media professionals questioned themselves in the investigation, and by cross-checking phone records, they were able to find several leads. Here they are in our article.

(Anthony Lalligan/Hans Lucas/AFP)

14h26 : Because of the war, Ukraine expects a budget deficit of 38 billion dollars next year. So Volodymyr Zelensky used an international conference in Berlin dedicated to the reconstruction of Ukraine to urge the international community to get their hands on the wallet: “It’s 38 billion dollars (…) It’s teachers’, doctors’ salaries, it’s social benefits, pensions.”

13h24 : Here’s the “best of” of our content for the day at franceinfo:

Our journalist Margaux Duguet takes part in Yaël Braun-Pivet’s first five months Perch of the National Assembly

Our journalist Louise Boye interviewed the experts To understand how the war in Ukraine will end

Says our journalist William de Lessuq The first is 450 euros RATP wants to send its most committed bus drivers.

12h00 : It’s noon, here’s the point of the message:

• No change in Italy in the war in Ukraine. The new prime minister, Georgia Meloni, promised this morning that Rome would stay “A Trusted Partner” NATO to support Kyiv against Moscow. Follow our life.

• Famous courier experience A major power outage this morning. Its parent company, Meta, announced that the issue had been resolved and apologized.

Six Palestinians were killed And nearly two dozen people were wounded early today in raids by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, mainly in Nablus.

• Alcoholemia, safety angle… Franceinfo Describes the scheme of the Govt Improve hunting safety. It should be official today.

11h53 : Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, head of the post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia party, pledged that Italy would continue during her policy speech this morning. “A Trusted NATO Partner” To support Ukraine against Russia.

10:05 am : Reconstruction of Ukraine “A Generation’s Mission, It Must Begin Now”, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this morning. He spoke at a conference in Berlin on long-standing support for the country, which has been occupied by Russia since February 24. about this “Nothing but creating a new Marshall Plan for the 21st century”The German leader said in the presence of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

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10h07 : Dmitry Rogozin, the former director of Roscosmos, wore the trellis to visit the Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions. The former head of the Russian space agency, with “Cosmos” tattooed on his chest, posts photos with officials. His name is regularly cited by the media to take the head of a Russian federal district that unites the four annexed territories.

(Dmitry Rogozin/Telegram)

09h09 : It’s 9 am and here’s the gist of the news:

• Governor announces seven civilians killed yesterday in Bagmouth. The city has been the scene of heavy fighting with the Russian army for months. Follow our life.

• No three times. Motions of Censorship on Newbies and RNs It was overwhelmingly rejected that night in the assembly. Notably, the RN voted in favor of one of Newbs’ two motions of censure, which was circumstantial compliance. The government condemned this morning.

Six Palestinians were killed And nearly two dozen people were wounded early today in raids by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, mainly in Nablus.

• Alcoholemia, safety angle… Franceinfo Describes the scheme of the Govt Improve hunting safety. It should be official today.

09h09 : At least five people were injured when a device exploded in Melitopol. The explosion rang out in front of a building that houses a TV channel and a radio station of the ZaMedia group, local occupation officials quoted by Russian agencies said. The city, in the Zaporizhia region, an unofficial capital for Russian forces, has been regularly rocked by protests by Ukrainian partisans.

(Alexandre Malkevich/Telegram)

08:51 : The city has been the scene of heavy fighting with the Russian army for months. Three bodies of civilians killed earlier were found in two parts of the region, Governor Pavlo Kyrilenko added in a telegram.

09h10 : Seven civilians were killed yesterday in Bagmouth, Donetsk region, the governor announced.

07h28 : German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier arrives in Kyiv on a surprise visit. “I look forward to my meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev”He said, according to a text sent by a spokesperson.

06h48 : Ever wonder how Russian cruise missiles get into Ukrainian playgrounds, power stations and apartment buildings? No more surprises thanks to @bellingcat’s @christogrozev. It’s time to meet the team targeting Russian missiles at civilian infrastructure.

07h30 : Who Is Behind Russian Missile Attacks That Hit Multiple Civilian Infrastructures and Kill Dozens? Inquiry site bellsCat (in English) It claims to have identified about thirty engineers from the Russian military. “He’s got a hipster beard and he listens to good music. But clearly, he considers killing people a noble job.”The journalist comments on the appearance of the investigation that was able to exchange with a member of this unit, whose group photo is here.

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06h15 : On the Russian side, admitting the failure of the invasion would be undermining “The Myth of Putinism”, and Vladimir Putin could lose power, explains researcher Julian Theron. It is unlikely that it will be overthrown, however, and “L“Vladimir Putin’s replacement wouldn’t be great”, Olivier Schmitt summarizes, because the strongest criticism of the Kremlin comes from supporters of the war. All scenes explored in this article lead to the same result: the conflict will last longer.

06h15 : If the scenario of a negotiated peace seems impossible to this day, the Ukrainian people in particular will not consider it. She is increasingly seen as part of this battle “The Existential Conflict with Russia”, explains researcher Anna Colin-Lebedev. Volodymyr Zelensky, fame based on his closeness to his people, “No room for error” In his speech.

06h14 : For peace talks to succeed in any conflict, three factors need to exist, none of which seem to exist today, Researcher Oliver Schmidt explains. Ukraine can count on victory, and Russia doesn’t seem to have given up either. In both countries, the internal environment did not promote peace. Finally, Kyiv has no reason to believe that Moscow will honor its commitments.

06h14 : Zelensky and Putin sit at a negotiating table: the picture seems unimaginable, but for Emmanuel Macron, as he reiterated on Sunday, the end of the conflict will necessarily pass through a peace agreement. However, after eight months of Russian invasion, an escalation seems closer than an end to the conflict. I explored different scenarios of the outcome of this war with several experts.

(Ellen Lawson/Franceinfo)

06h11 : The Ukrainian military announced last night that it had expelled Russian forces from four villages in the country’s northeast, where a counteroffensive had already helped reclaim thousands of square kilometers of territory in September. “Thanks to successful operations, our troops drove the enemy out of Karmasinivka, Myasozharivka and Nevsky in the Lugansk region and Novosatov in the Donetsk region.Ukrainian civil servants said on Facebook.

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