Russia will supply Belarus with nuclear-capable missiles “in the coming months.”
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Cover Image: File photo provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense showing the launch of a nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile. AP

  • The leaders of the 27 gave the status of candidates for the European Union to Ukraine and MoldovaAnnounced by Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe “Historical moment”In the midst of the Russian attack. This result was eagerly awaited by kyivTaken at the EU Heads of Government and Government Summit in Brussels, Indicates the beginning of a long and complex process towards members. Volodymyr Zhelensky and Salami “A Unique and Historic Moment”.
  • A Siverodonetsk, “Ukrainian armed forces must withdraw […]. They received the order. “The announcement was made by the Governor of the Luhansk region Sergei Haidai on Friday, June 24. “There is no point in being in a position that has been bombed continuously for months When the city was “Almost reduced to rubble”He explained.
  • Governor of the Donetsk regionAnd that said Thursday “No city” There is no area under his administration “Safe” For its citizens, the fighting was very violent. Anti-aircraft warnings Sounded at night from Thursday to Friday Many major Ukrainian cities, from Donetsk Odessa. The Russian military also continues Bombing in the Mykolaiv areaOn Thursday it announced it had destroyed 49 fuel reserves and three armored repair centers.
  • Officer of the occupation administration established by Russia in GershonIn southern Ukraine, He was killed Friday, officials said “Attack”. This is the first time pro-Russian officials have announced that one of their representatives has been killed in an escalating attack.
  • On Thursday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov announced in support, with a photo, The arrival of the first examples of several rocket launchers in the American HimalayasWith a range of 80 kilometers, the White House announced a few hours ago that A.C. New component of military aid to KievWorth $ 450 million.
  • Germany implements Level 2 of its emergency gas supply program. Germany activates Thursday after a 60% drop in supplies from Moscow via the North Stream gas pipeline “Warning status” Its emergency plan aims to guarantee its gas supply and bring the country closer to the ration situation. In this context the government, “Stabilize” Market players to deal with high prices. The third and final phase of the project, The “Emergency”Allow the state to arrange the ration.
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