Russia: What we know about car bomb attack that killed daughter of far-right thinker and Kremlin ally Alexander Dakin

At the wheel of her father’s car, Russian political scientist and journalist Daria Dugin died in an engine explosion. According to relatives, the target was Alexander Dukin, a patron of the invasion of Ukraine and close to the Kremlin. The investigation is ongoing, but already Russian officials are blaming Ukrainian forces.

On Saturday evening, a car bomb attack killed Daria Dukin, the daughter of Aleksandr Dukin, a Russian ultranationalist ideologue close to the Kremlin.. While he was driving his father’s car, the device exploded near Moscow: according to family relatives, the intellectual was directly targeted, not his daughter. We take into account the course of events and the first elements of the investigation.

Where did the explosion take place?

The attack took place on Saturday evening, around 9 pm (local time), near the village of Bolchie Vyazemi, 40 kilometers southwest of Moscow, the Russian Intelligence Service said. The victim was driving his father’s car, a Toyota Land Cruiser, which exploded before bursting into flames on the highway. “The young woman was reportedly killed on the spot,” the statement said.

According to relatives of the family quoted by Russian news agencies, the target of the explosion was 60-year-old intellectual and writer Alexander Dougin. The Russian government newspaper reported that Alexander Dugin decided to switch cars at the last minute as the two were returning together in a car from a festival in Dugin, on the outskirts of the capital. Rosyskaya Gazeta (in Russian), cit France info.

Who was Alexander Dakin, Putin’s mastermind?

Alexander Dougin is a far-right intellectual and writer who is a staunch defender of the “Eurasist” theory that would allow for an alliance between Europe and Asia under Russian leadership. It has been targeted since 2014 by EU sanctions imposed after Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

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Although he never held an official position in the Kremlin, he has been described as the architect, even the “spiritual guide” of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In recent years, Kiev has banned several of his works, including “Ukraine. My War. Geopolitical Magazine” and “Russia’s Eurasian Revenge.”

Alexander Dakin’s influence over the Russian president has earned him the nickname “Putin’s Brain”.

Who is his daughter who died in the attack?

Daria Tugin, born in 1992, is a journalist and political scientist. Like his father, a defender of Russian supranationalism and Russian imperial expansion, he publicly spoke out in favor of the invasion of Ukraine. According to France Televisions in Moscow, he took part in a press trip organized by the Russian army in Donbass.

Last March, CNN recalled, the U.S. sanctioned him after the publication of an article on the United World International (UWI) website, of which he was editor-in-chief, suggesting that Ukraine “must perish” if sanctioned. To NATO. In March 2022, he was on the US-approved “Russian elite list” following the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine.

Where is the investigation?

According to investigators, an explosive device was placed in the vehicle, and everything suggests that “the crime was premeditated and ordered,” the press release underscored. An investigation into the “assassination” is open, the Russian intelligence agency adds. All suggest that “the crime was premeditated and ordered,” the panel confirmed.

But already, the reactions of the Russian authorities, in the context of the war in Ukraine, did not take long to come about the possible supporters of this attack. The leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), a self-proclaimed pro-Russian separatist group in eastern Ukraine, Denis Pushilin, on Sunday blamed Ukrainian forces for the assassination of Daria Dukin. “Ukrainian regime terrorists tried to liquidate Alexander Dugin, but blew up his daughter,” Bushilin said in a telegram.

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“If the Ukrainian route is confirmed and it has to be checked by competent authorities, it will be a policy of state terror put in place by the Kyiv regime,” Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, commented on Telegram. kyiv was quick to react to these accusations: “Ukraine undoubtedly has nothing to do with yesterday’s explosion, because we are not a criminal state,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikha├»lo Podoliak said.

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