Russia launched nearly 80 missiles on Monday; One person was killed in the overnight attack in Mykolaiv

While Liz Truss was in charge of foreign affairs, no information about the suspected Russian hacking of her mobile phone has been made public since yesterday.

A brief reminder of the story:

Lest we forget her whirlwind visit to 10 Downing Street, Liz Truss was Boris Johnson’s United Kingdom Foreign Secretary from September 15, 2021 to September 6, 2022. It was during his time in the Foreign Office that It was reported this weekend that Truss had been hacked by Russian agents Daily MailBased on anonymous sources.

According to the British tabloid, these agents had access “Top Secret Details” Negotiations between the Foreign Secretary and the Allies of England. The news is particularly about discussions with allies in the war in Ukraine, including arms supplies to Kyiv. It says that up to a year’s worth of news can be downloaded Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, the hack was discovered during an internal campaign by the Conservative Party, which Mme Hope to become Prime Minister. But the matter was deliberately kept secret by Mr Johnson and Mr Johnson’s cabinet secretary, Simon Case. This incident came to light, Truss for ten years. The change alarmed ministers and advisers, who were suddenly unable to contact him.

Ever since the information regarding this was published, the security forces have been engaged in intensive surveillance Pegasus SoftwareFrom an Israeli company NSO. In April, Lab Citizens Lab, which specializes in detecting surveillance software, announced it had alerted London to a hacking attempt with Pegasus inside the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Office. According to Daily MailM phoneme The dress was so pockmarked that it was taken to a safe place for analysis.

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A British government spokesperson, now headed by Rishi Sunak, declined to comment “Personal Security Arrangements”Management has a strong system in place to protect its members against these threats.

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