Russia is Q ” best arms supplier ‘?

Testing process – General Trincomalee noted that the recovery of armored vehicles abandoned by the Russian military was a key source of Kiev’s weapons.

Question. What if Ukraine’s main support in strengthening its weapons is none other than its own occupier? On Monday evening, General Dominique Trincomalee, the former head of the French military mission to the UN, noted this surprising contradiction in the LCI package. “This may surprise you, but Russia is the best arms supplier to Ukraine“, BFMTV’s Consulting Officer, explained”All weapons dropped by Russia on the battlefield were seized by Ukraine.

Compared to these war gifts, the General underlined trivial European promises. “When we said we were going to deliver 20 tanks … Ukraine withdrew 150 from Russia!“. Is this comparison fair? Do kyiv’s war gifts reflect more than allied deliveries?

Cheque. Since the beginning of the attack, Russia has suffered …

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