Russia is introducing tougher prison sentences for calling for action against its security.

7:16 am: Sergei Zhirnov, former KGB spy and critic of Putin

Until 1992, Sergei Zhirnov was a Russian spy, an “illegal” hiding in France. Thirty years later, he frequents television sets, where he bashes President Vladimir Putin, whom he accuses of “kamikazing” Ukraine, the former “Leningrad bandit.”

The former shadow agent, 61 years old and sporty, has crossed paths with the all-powerful head of state of the Russian Federation four times. He “hated it,” he says in his book “The Gear,” published in June. Vladimir Putin is “Russian like me, but he embodies everything I don’t like: cynicism, lies, lack of empathy, brutality”, he warns from the first pages of the book.

During their first meeting, when he was still a student, Sergey Zhirnov said that he was “psychologically tortured” by the future president after speaking to a foreigner for a long time in French during the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

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