Russia has threatened to intensify shelling attacks on Kiev in retaliation for attacks on its territory

NATO membership for Sweden and Finland could have repercussions, Moscow warns

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned on Friday that Sweden and Finland would not join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), saying it would have implications for these countries and European security.

Those countries “We need to understand the implications of such a move for our bilateral relations and the architecture of European defense as a whole.”Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakarova said in a statement. “Being a member of NATO does not strengthen their national security. In practice, (Finland and Sweden) will be the front line for NATO. “She said again.

Helsinki and Stockholm are considering joining the Atlantic Alliance in retaliation for the Russian military offensive against Ukraine. Already on Thursday, the former Russian president also confirmed that Russia would strengthen its military assets, especially nuclear assets, near the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia if Russia’s current Security Council No. 2 Dmitry Medvedev joins NATO, Finland or Sweden.

Finland, which has a border of about 1,300 km with Russia, will decide “In a few weeks” In the nomination for NATO, according to its Prime Minister. Sweden has not ruled out joining the Western military alliance, but seems more in the background than its neighbors.

Russia views the alliance as an existential threat, and its offensive in Ukraine has been particularly justified by the Kremlin, particularly Kiev’s Atlantic ambitions and Western political and military support for Russia’s neighbors.

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