right or wrong War in Ukraine: Did Gazprom Really Release Video Promising ‘Long, Freezing Winter’ for Europe?

Amid the crisis over Russian gas supplies to the West, a video attributed to Gazprom is being widely shared on social networks. The row’s ominous message promises a freezing winter in Europe if the West continues to resist Russia. However, the appearance and purpose of this assembly will actually be quite different.

This Monday, September 5, social networks were invaded by a video showing a Gazprom employee closing a gas valve, preventing the West from warming and causing a terrible cold. Behind this montage are lyrics that evoke “a long harsh winter” coming to Europe. Several media, in France, but also in Ukraine or England, saw the Russian gas supply cut off a few days after it was a direct threat from the gas company to Western countries.

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\u27a1\ufe0f “And winter will be great …”

Gazprom gives us an epic troll of EU countries. ??? pic.twitter.com/1G2YlLBGrR

— Jaime Horta \ud83d\ude0e\ud83c\uddf5\ud83c\uddf9\u269b\ud83c\udde8\ud83c\uddf5\u262f\ufe0f\ud83c\udde7\ud83c\uddf7 (@JaimeHorta) September 6, 2022

But was this video actually posted on social networks by a Russian company? Several elements call into question the authenticity of this polished arena, at least in appearance. In fact, upon closer inspection, we first notice that the “TheB1m” logo sometimes appears in some images. Its name is A British company Specializes in shooting buildings and infrastructure around the world. Many videos with this logo are easily available online. Some of the scenes in the video released by Gazprom show this logo intermittently, a very unprofessional practice that led some netizens to quickly question the video’s appearance.

ICYMI? #TheB1M #Thieves #Robbers #Gazprom #Russia mafia states #Blackmail # Extortion #Weaponizing energy https://t.co/2XkNjWbIty pic.twitter.com/GNJhhxUPoq

— Junia⬜️?⬜️?? (@serenahrm) September 7, 2022

More than a surprising detail among the images that supposedly show Europe in the freezing cold, we recognize images of the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, thanks to a bridge that is particularly familiar to Russians. However, ironically, this city in Russia’s Far East will not be served by the gas network. A mistake that a company like Gazprom could not have made.

Also, neither the company name nor its logo is prominent in these images. Finally, the Russian company at this time has not made any official comment about such a communication, or at least not with a means accessible to us, the Gazprom website is still blocked from France.

Precisely – the clip was not actually “released by Gazprom”, it was produced by a journalist of the RU state TV channel and promoted by the deputy governor of Krasnoyarsk – the city without gas is actually absurdly captured in the video. https://t.co/xW5QJ5o5bY

— Christo Grozev (@christogrozev) September 7, 2022

Many observers, including Bulgarian journalist Christo Grosev, were quick to point out that Famous for his exhaustive investigations into Russia, went to the way the video was broadcast on social networks and supported these suspicions. One of its first broadcasters on the Telegram network was Sergei Ponomarenko, deputy governor of Krasnoyarsk.

Russian newspaper Fontanka says it has finally found a pot of roses. This medium is located in St. Petersburg Recognized for its independence Many foreign gifts and support Norway Helsinki Group (NGO for the protection of human rights), explaining that behind the video falsely attributed to Gazprom, a journalist in St. Petersburg, Artur Kodirev, is in fact. He published it Russian social network VK. This clip is similar to another video It was posted on the same social networking site last April.

According to Godrev, who says he edited the famous scene with a colleague, it was a “personal effort” with a “ridiculous” goal, for which “he didn’t get any money”: “It’s the situation around Gazprom, Nord Stream, and Europe that seems so ridiculous and contrary to common sense, about it. Can’t help but laugh. he announced to Fontanka“Happy” that the clip has become so popular on the Internet.

His mission is to “raise the spirits of many by working on an extraordinary kind of irony”. As for the Krasnoyarsk bridge, he says he “doesn’t approve of it,” but is happy that the video “highlights the issue of gasification. [cette] region [de Sibérie]”.

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