Putin institutes martial law in annexed territories; The European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize was awarded to the Ukrainian people

“About fifty” employees of the Zaporizhia plant were “still prisoners” of the Russians.

“about fifty” Employees of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which has been occupied by Moscow troops since March “Forever Prisoners” The Russians, Petro Kotine, head of Ukrainian operator Energoatom, told Agence France-Presse (AFP). “More than one hundred and fifty factory workers were captured” From the beginning of the Russian invasion at the end of February, whose “Some were later released, but whose fate is still unknown”, he noted. Mr. According to Godin, among the hundred Ukrainian prisoners were employees “Killed, Others Tortured”. Ukrainian nuclear operator “The list will be published in the next few days” The staff is still in Russian hands. We appeal to the international community to help free them.He began.

The head of Energodam also gave some details about the detention of former general manager of the Zaporizhia power plant, Igor Murachev. He was arrested by the Russians in late September before being released a few days later. “They kept him in the basement for three days”he told AFP. “Isn’t it torture to sit in a chair with a bag over your head all day? », he asked. Mr. Godin added that, according to him, the Russians “Videos recorded with Mr Murachov for propaganda purposes”without providing further details about their content or distribution.

About two employees “kidnapped” By Russian forces earlier this week – the plant’s IT director, Oleg Kostiokov, and deputy general manager, Oleg Ocheka – Mr. Godin said he did not know where they were now.

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